I am Kamran Ahmed

I created roadmap.sh to help developers find their path if they are confused and help them learn and grow in their career.

@kamrify kamranahmed.se@gmail.com

What is roadmap.sh?

roadmap.sh contains community-curated roadmaps, study plans, paths, and resources for developers. There are role-based roadmaps, listing skills you should know for any given role, as well as skill-based roadmaps listing items to learn for any given skill.

It started as a set of visual charts on GitHub to guide developers who are confused about what they should learn next, but then expanded into interactive roadmaps where you can click and get resources to learn any given resource, contribute by adding new roadmaps, suggest changes to existing roadmaps, track your progress as you follow a roadmap and so on.

How are roadmaps created?

The project has a strong community that powers everything on the website. It is the 6th most starred opensource project on GitHub and gets visited by hundreds of thousands of developers every month. We also have newsletter with 150,000+ developers. All the roadmaps are created and reviewed by community and several subject matter experts. Also, anyone can suggest changes to any roadmap and we have a process to review and approve them.

What are the plans for roadmap.sh?

Our long-term plan is to make roadmap.sh a go-to place for developers whenever they plan on learning something new. We started with roadmaps, guides, videos and other visual content but we plan on introducing best practices, best-practices for certain tasks, quizzes to test your knowledge and prepare yourself for the interviews, project ideas to work on while following the roadmaps, public profiles to share your progress and interact with the other learners and so on.

How is roadmap.sh built?

The website is built with Astro and Tailwind and is deployed to GitHub pages. The project is fully open-source and the codebase can be found on GitHub

How can I add a new roadmap?

For new roadmaps, please open an issue with the textual description of the roadmap in the form of bulleted list. Here is an example contribution of a new roadmap.

Find more details in the contribution docs.

How can I update an existing roadmap?

Please have a look at the contribution docs for details.

How can I add content to existing roadmaps?

Please have a look at the contribution docs for details.

Can I redistribute the content?

No, the license of the content on this website does not allow you to redistribute any of the content on this website anywhere. You can use it for personal use or share the link to the content if you have to but redistribution is not allowed.

What is the best way to contact you?

Tweet or send me a message @kamrify or email me at kamranahmed.se@gmail.com. I get lots of messages so apologies in advance if you don't hear back from me soon but I do reply to everyone.


roadmap.sh is the 6th most starred project on GitHub and is visited by hundreds of thousands of developers every month.

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